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The Beautiful Revolution

Fear worms its way into our lives through the news, whether we read it, hear it, see it online or on television, or witness it in person. News doesn’t have to be world-shaking. It can be a little boy pulling the hair of some girl who stole his cookie. In every case, what needs to be addressed is fear, someone else’s as well as, very often, our own.

I had a sleepless night last night because terror warnings have come to Geneva. Yes, even Switzerland! I’m due to attend a concert next week. The thoughts came to me as they do now, I’m sure, to many others: Should I avoid crowded venues? Should I keep my eye out for people who look like terrorists are supposed to look?

I’ve concluded that the answer is no, and for this reason: You can’t pray at the same time you’re looking over your shoulder. I believe that the one invincible protection from all evil is God, the divine Love. I believe that His protecting presence is as real now as it was in Jesus’ time. But I also believe that this presence will be my reality only if it has not just primacy of place in my thought but singularity of place. As the Bible puts in the mouth of Deity, “I the Lord thy God am a jealous God.” I refuse to let myself make a god out of fear.

We are all very much needed right now in the crowded venues of earth. With seven billion people, there are lots of them! Everyone who can fill their thought to capacity with prayer and the “beauty of holiness” represents a defense against the aggressive pretensions of evil and the paralyzing imaginings of fear.  

Life is beautiful. Let’s start a beautiful revolution against the wild-eyed insanities of fear and prove their ultimate powerlessness to stop the goodness of God.


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