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Voice for the powerless

Elizabeth Warren is giving voice to a lot of frustrated people in America. Their interests are being overlooked and overridden by seemingly greater powers – in banking, in business, in government, in just about everything. To these people it has become a world of wealthy and powerful interests, where the will of the few is imposed on the lives of the many. The average person feels left out of prosperity, her interests disregarded. Where is the protector, the shepherd, the leader for these people? Is Warren the only one looking out for them?  

It used to be, or at least feel, that capitalism and democracy worked for everyone. All boats rose. Not anymore. Many people feel abandoned by the country they love. The idea that what is good for business is good for America is increasingly shopworn, because business, and especially the financial community, seems to have no interest in America except as a market to exploit. The idea that government is acting for the people seems outdated, too, because government of the powerful, by the powerful and for the powerful appears to be the way of the country now.

At least that's how Warren's supporters see it. It's a valid point of view. But God speaks to all of us on all sides of this debate. Are we listening? Whether we are manager or worker, politician or voter, banker or homeowner, He gives His angel ideas so each of us can know the right thing to do with our lives, and the right leader to support.

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