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Order in the court

Integrity. We know it when we see it. When someone or some organization is clear-sighted enough to put integrity above expediency or personal interest, it’s like stepping outside on a cool, blue morning, knowing your day is going to be good.

On the other hand, we now have FIFA. On a different scale, we have the FBI admitting that testimony based on faulty microscopic hair analysis has crept into many of its cases, resulting in at least 32 possibly erroneous death-penalty convictions. Nine of these people have already been killed. And this is only in the first 500 cases investigated.

Now, in an article in The Christian Science Monitor, writer Henry Gass describes shoddy scientific practices and sometimes outright dishonesty from lab technicians as a widespread problem in American courts.

So we have a multinational sports organization, a prominent federal bureacracy and a complex court system, all struggling with a lack of integrity. How far does it go? The only way to answer that question is to look at ourselves. A society is built on millions of individual decisions every day. How much integrity do we have? Are we keeping the flame of honesty, clear-sightedness, fidelity, pure intention, burning in our own lives? Are we brave enough to make, or sincerely try to make, integrity the foundation for all our thoughts and actions?

Prayer is, in part, a desire for integrity, an intimate experience between us and God that paves the way for healing. Praying for integrity in government and organizations must, if we are honest, mean praying for it in ourselves. Prayer has to change us. This change is God answering our prayer. Then society changes. Systems are purified. If that’s not the eventual result, there is no God.

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