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Patriot Act and prayer

Anyone following the debate on the Patriot Act in the US Senate, whether to extend it or kill it or something in between, isn’t just a spectator. With every thought about it we are participants, because thought is what determines behavior. Generous prayer for the principal actors can bring a deeper sense of divine wisdom and courage into human consciousness, providing helpful support for the debate and, in the process, for our own endeavors, too.

It’s important to see this debate in the right light. It’s not really a political struggle, and it’s not really about data collection. At bottom it’s about fear, fear of terrorism and how to deal with danger, and the way to treat fear is through love.

Fear of terrorism is manifest in lots of ways, from a battle over a can of Coke on an airplane flight, to demonstrations outside a mosque over a cartoon contest, to the argument in the Senate. Where are you battling terror at the moment? Is it in trepidation about terrorist acts? Is it in other areas of life, such as a fear of job loss, of the breakup of a relationship, even of disease?

These fears, though they may have nothing to do with terrorism, are not irrelevant. Fear is fear, and replacing as much of it as possible with love helps rob it of its power to intimidate.

Pray with the conviction that God is Love. We all have the right to stand up to the bullying thought that our health, safety and peace can be disrupted or paralyzed by fear. Refuse to act from fear. “Love more for every hate,” in the words of the founder of The Christian Science Monitor, Mary Baker Eddy. I know you and I are only two in seven billion people on this planet, but it doesn’t matter. God is everywhere. And She is Love.

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