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Three perspectives on humility and leadership

There is an interesting confluence of events on the front pages in the US right now, with the presidential election ramping up fast, and Pope Francis and the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, visiting. Each tells a different story about humility and leadership.

In the case of the US candidates for president, everyone running seems to have enough weaknesses to fill several front pages. (Their opponents make sure we see those weaknesses clearly!) This shouldn’t necessarily worry us – successful presidents grow in office. But to grow – and even to admit that growth is necessary – takes humility. Do we see enough humility in a candidate that he or she can grow and inspire others to grow? If so, they may be worth supporting!

Pope Francis has captured the imagination of millions of people with his compassion and courage, and with his humility. He is clearly a deeply religious man, and his message seems implicitly and explicitly to be that we all, rich and poor, famous and not, are loved by God. You don’t have to be Catholic to see in his words and acts the power of humility to inspire.

President Xi leads the largest nation in the world. It’s an awesome responsibility, but it’s not just on his shoulders or that of his Party. In our prayers for China we can know that God is leading both the people and the leadership, whether they acknowledge it or not. If we help humbly to take leadership responsibility off of the government and put it where it belongs, on God, billions of people will be blessed.

If it’s not to God to whom we are ultimately looking for leadership, we are missing the value and meaning of a lot of the news today and in the days ahead.

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