The Christian Science Monitor:
Its History, Mission, and People

by Keith S. Collins

Note: Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print.    

The gripping and inspiring story of a 100-year-old news organization for which overcoming the odds for survival was only the beginning.


As someone who worked as a writer for The Christian Science Monitor for 50 years, I have to say that Collins has produced a tremendously valuable book.

- David  R. Francis, Monitor business and financial editor, foreign correspondent, economic columnist, 1960 to 2011


For more than a century, The Christian Science Monitor has represented a different kind of journalism: one that not only informs but also encourages, comforts, and even inspires. From its founding in 1908 by Mary Baker Eddy, through seven Pulitzer Prizes and two near collapses, to its conversion to a Web-based daily in 2009, the Monitor has been both highly praised and disdainfully dismissed.

Incorporating extensive research and interviews with current and former Monitor journalists, Monitor executives, and church officials, The Christian Science Monitor: Its History, Mission, and People illuminates not just how the paper operates but how its people think. It explores what makes the Monitor unique, what makes it frustrating at times, and why, in the end, the Monitor is needed in the world of journalism.